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While the Philoponus is opposed to Iskender opposing the active mind theory of Iskender, he re-expressed the person’s mind, the state of the Bilkuv and the Halkuvand is still in human nefstir, bilfiil, or is not a different and discrete mind as of the human. The immortal is all that is all in this aqueous. ” Calling their statements.121 Again, the Baghdâdî’s “Nefs is not a time perpetrator in another time; Because he is in constant realger, but we are not in the case. “122 The view of the 122-shaped view of the 122-shaped view of Aristoteles is not” but sometimes, sometimes it is not running sometimes, but it is not to interpret the Aristoteles as human minds, and that it is constantly active, it is not a man Calls the phrases of philoponus expressing that a moment has not been absent.

115 AGE., C.II, p. 314. 116 Bagrail, Age., C. II, p. 310, p. 401. 117 AGE., C. II, p. 314. 118 M. Tayyib, Age., P. 262. 119 bonded, mu’te, c. III, p. 148. 120 bonded, AGE., C. II, p. 412. 121 J. Philoponus, Age., P. 35, 37, 55, 63-64, 66-67. 122 bonded, AGE., C. 2 H. 317. 123 J. Philoponus, AGE., P. 76. Philoponus indicates that Aristoteles interpret the text as active in mind. According to him, it is the humanical mind that is meant here and again as a little bit of Aristoteles (430A 19) as the Bilkuvne mind is that the Bilfiil in mind is not back before the mind, the human mind is always akled.

One124 we can express how impressed by Philoponus are also a subject to be examined. It is seen that Baghdâdî has tried to roaster than to criticize different views in the risqual in Mu’teBer. According to him, the person in the meaning of the Aklede in the sense of the person, he knows, knows and realizes everything. He becomes the mind, aqueous and suffered because he is familiar with his zest, nature and adjectives. Nothing other than the fuel of the man in human belly can know his own zest, can’t smell with his nose, tongue. In accordance with the Baghdâdî, which performs the improper and sensory-realized civilians in the external reality, and the symbols in our minds are one of the Baghdâdî. Human ‘I’ve seen, I’ve heard, I was desiring, I’m desiring,’ This Self indicates that the Self is currently. The presence is an existing zarion that has decided; It is not a passing and renewed verb. In the sense of melt, it is the fact that in terms of the actual aspect of mind and akle; However, his actual is called ‘mind’ and ‘aqueous’ with the name of his zest. The meaning of in-twelfth is different from the subjects; The meaning of the land is different from the lands that are specific to bodies.

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212; ‘Sleeping’l-Hikme, p. 41. 110 bonded, AGE., C. III, p. 143. 111 J. Philoponus, on Aristotle on the Intellect, p. 98. 112 M. Ali Ebu Reyian, “Nakdu Ebi’l Pailla-Baghdâdî Li Philosophy Ibn Sînâ”, Mecellet Milklinkâdâb, c. XII, p. 17-48, Alexandria 1958, p. 12. 113 bonded, Mu’te, c. III, p. 142-143. The bonded, jurisdiction of the intellectual minds are criticized with the following phrases: “The rocks are the insanitary nefs that the neef of the neehs are the symbols of the known Heyli and Bilkuv and Bilkuv and Bilkuv and Bilkuv and Bilkuv and Bilkuv and Bilkuv and Bilkuş, while he mold the body before it, he gained the pluma They have named the heylasite reason because of. Whereas the Greek Kudemâsi didn’t say that. On the contrary, they expressed that the eternal ones are apart from their heirloom, consisting of and disturbed by the delay and disturbed by the disturbed, and they have used the heyûlılılılılılılıştiştişiştişiştişiştişışışışışışışışışışışışış and we are acclamation of the mind. Because it was not the case, the horse had to be the horse, the horse should be aqueous; or it should have been a lot when you have been streamed of the sense of the other. Halbuki he is the only one in the same as before the laundering is the man, the others are also horse, ass, tree and others. There is no change in the man, there is no difference between the and the later state of time. If the mind is the mind mahal; He, he is, he is streamed, it becomes his crown. The dishavior is streamed before, before the mind, before the mind, it has come before the cruel area. (which happens to be absurd.) “114 Baghirdî, AGE., c. III, p. 88, 100-102.

As shown to Baghdâdî, only realizes the NEFS and his instruments, the vehicle is incorrect to the Nefs Efforts is incorrect.115 If there is a separate ingredient for each verb for each verb for each verb for each verb, the absence of the absolutely, the opposite of the female is only the amount of the 527 pcs should have been to be. The force that sees the green saw red that sees red .116 is the false views of their ‘senter but an interest’ in this way that referred to him in this way to the view of the Nefrical Efforts; This criticism of these various verbs can come out of the heart from each other than the opposite of the heart of the heart! 117 Baghdâdî’s sake of nephidizing the absurdity of the absurdity of certain numbers, fahreddin er-razî, adûddin îcî (1281-1355), after the fact that he had been echo. In the metaphysical area, feayz and the theory of water are against the theory of bilkuv and the intelligence of the intelligence of the intelligence of the active mind, which has been converted to the mental state of mind, and according to him, the Nefs reaches competence with his own opponent, not only by removing something that is proficient in Bilfiil, but only in the asset book. or the miralty of the nef, is again the teacher of another match; Or not the active mind.120 These statements are also ditto.

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Sales TL.ali; TL Sale TL.1 US Dollar 941.00 945.71 941.00 955.12 1 Australian Dollar 683.45 686.87

‘White Goods and Electronics Cuisine Cuisine Cuisine Price TU Vintage Price TL) Grundig 56 EK.Pal-secam TV.520.016.460,000 Grundig Video Player.540.000.478.296 Grundig Music Set.342.608.290.000 Grundig S

The coal cookers in the nearest surrounding area of ​​Istanbul are able to respond to 3-4 years more than 3-4 years. The charcoal called “Tree charcoal” is such that the charcoal is achieved.

The stock market is discharged.Mjyase İlknur I pm the İncim, which has been discussing, the crisis of these discussions’ born in the economy in the economy, in the economy to a vague at the end of the week at the end of the week.

Turkey obsolete computers can burn the ‘4 * ft & five years in projects aimed at the transition to computerized education in schools all over Turkey, “dreamers” as değerlendiriliyor.tane 1 mile from the 600 thousand pounds

The Turks come forward to the Presidency of the OECD Representative Assembly of the Ecelik in the Presidency of Prof.Dr.Orhan.

We will collect that the Ozal is forgiving from the wealthy of the wealthy * Eçımiş Political parties continue to explain their views on economic issues, while the criticisms that parties have directed to each other.

OLFFM * 511B511-SZ7 94 94 90-520 67 50 R word 300.TL.14 punto) 300.TL.14 Punto) 300 • TL.Alt-ust line 3,000 |tl. -Ste Yeşilköy Serbesti Cad

Defolute boots, production crop of leather crops, sundry material with part of the skin will be sold 21 October 1987 on Wednesday at 14.00 pm Bot on Wednesday, Turkey

Tefat and condolences Health Help Chairman Our Directorate is in the sadness of making Mehmet Cevat Önal from the pension chiefs.Merhuma is conducting to the mercy, sorrowful family and relatives to the relatives D

Andfat Precious Family Grown We have lost the Nihal Aksüyek on 11 October 1987. The day of 21 October 13, 1987 will be defined after the prayer to be made in Hacıbayram Mosque.

Sale Manager Sale Manager Mr. Erman Aksüyek’s Mother’s Nihal Aksüyek Maimidi has gained the mercy of the Mother of the Nihal Aküyek.Merhuma wishes from God to the relatives.

National Education Youth and Sports Ministry of State Books Directorate of the State Books Director of 37×40 67 Steel Case in our Size 20/10/1987 on Tuesday 20/10/1987

Brochure Our courses have been approved by the Council’s Council of Council.

The element will be taken to be appointed as a manager of market research in the marketing organization of our company.

Alpet Altağa Petrochemical Tic.a.Ş.Getel Directorate is announced from the Directorate, our company is located in the open field warehouses and below the various breed and capacity of the capacity given below the crane and business machinery

M-WK OTVRT ™ LW-EVERY year, you make you upset on your holiday spending! Once you pay you once with the circuit-holiday system, have a good investment with your family every year.

From Istanbul Trade exchange, the stock market committees will be held on 12 November 1987.

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This revealed a great deal of raw materials that portuguese are over the Hamburg, which is the Copper Center of Central Europe. The annual 500 thousand kg of copper is estimated to be exported to China. Chinese buyers were paying with a more suitable “exchange tool” with the silver preferred gold. In contrast, the exchange rate was in Europe. In this way, Fug-Ger Bankhaus providing financing of copper mines, providing unlimited earnings.

It was thought that the trade provides peace as a common mit. Spain’s colonialist destruction wars in the United States and the Sea Wars in Portugal show that these claims are directions that are serving these allegations to justify these actors for the trade to be entered with Asia in the following periods. In fact, companies did not have enough power to suggest that they are economic power in the market. In addition to the military achievements, which are also earned against the opponent to the opponent, or as in the attacks in the Indian Ocean of the Portuguese, the opposite party is unprepared. Or, as in the ink in South America, the possibilities of having any support were attacked in a population. There was no significance of sovereignty change for people living here.

Another mitost of Europe’s military technological supreme. This superiority was not determined by testing with the same size Japan, Mongol Empire and countries such as India. It was due to the emergence of the war power of Europe, to destroy or to destroy the root of the root of the local people in America, and “Trigger Delay”.

As in the defeat of the Mongolian Empire in India in the 18th century, violence other than the economy was the opportunity. Violence tool was used as a means to be treated by the Portugal according to economic interests. The seeds sprinkled with Estado da India were just about two hundred years later.

After the initial influence of the technical changes in the decrease of the technical changes in European mining, the looting of Mexico and Inca treasures also reduced production expenses such as Potosi silver bearings open to the business. In the following periods, the price rise in Europe in Europe, where newly obtained precious mines come to circulate. The collapse of the aristocracy and the rise of the paid working class was accelerated. The decline in real wages was one of the main sources of primitive accumulation from the 16th century to the 18th century. “As a result of the price revolution in the UK and France, the worker has lost a large part of the income that has ever had and this wealth was the hands of the benefit of other income sources. The landowner wasn’t winning the worker’s losses “. (Earl Hamilton, American Treasure and The Rise of Capitalism, S. 355).

Due to the deterioration of the open and craft in Spain Trade Balinaç, the precious mines were stolen from the United States and the precious metals extracted by the slave workers were the hands of commercial capital outside Spain. There was a tremendous development around here and became the basic pole of the accumulation.

It is notable that the new riches brought from America in terms of the economic transformation of industrial capitalism are significantly determining aristocracy with a politically decisive feature.

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In the statement, it was reported that the general condition of the Cantarci, which is continued in Umraniye State Hospital, is well carried out by the forensic authorities. Newsletter (35): Press Announcement 446

Due to the Maintenance Repair Works to be held on the main line of the main, it will be not water on Friday 10:00 to 11th June 2005 by 09:00 to 12 hours on Friday for 12 hours. Waterproof areas in Bakirkoy district Atatürk Airport, Yeşilyurt. A portion of Yeşilköy and Florya. (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Around the Municipality of Florya). 10 June Friday Evening will apply water interruption for 12 hours. In the written statement of Issi, he was reported that Ataturk Airport, Yeşilyurt, Yeşilköy and Florya will not take water from 21:00 on Saturday until 09.00, due to the maintenance-repair studies to be held at the written statement. BULLETIN (36): Assign various projects for 10 years to draw attention to the problem of desertification in Turkey TEMA this year, “June 17 World Desertification Day” is not tomorrow the threat of desertification, says that today’s problems. “Turkey can be a big part of the desert in 2040,” according to a study done by NASA, erosion 447

continuation of violent and effective measures to be taken if a large part of Turkey within the next 35 years appeared to return to the desert. Theme officials feared that desertification had to leave our children a country in ancient rhetoric, but now they stressed that Turkey has a very high chance of seeing the desertification of many people who ortayaşl today. Desertification is not a disaster traveling alone. With the desertification, hunger, thirst, unemployment and internal migration threaten the country. The State Institute of Statistics 1998 Statistical Yearbook of Turkey between 1985-1990, according to data of about 5.5 million people emigrated in Turkey for various reasons. The migration from the countryside, the migration, withdraws intense unemployment in agricultural production and in cities. As a result, injustice in the district of unemployment and income across the country is increasing, crooked urbanization, environmental pollution, overuse of natural resources and the destruction of natural resources comes to the agenda. The United Nations decided in 1994 on the way to struggle with this great problem and declared the 17th June on 17 June as the World Desertification “to draw attention to this important problem. This issue with the TEMA Foundation in Turkey, with many activities for this purpose since 1995 to our country’s problems and the successful work carried agenda. signed to work. Konya / Karapınar, Ankara / Nallıhan, Burdur / Akyaka and Iğdır sample in Akyaka and Iğdır sample, in order to receive the support of the people and power in the region, which performs the support of the people and power in the region, this year is in Ankara on 17 June in Ankara “Rural Development in Challenge of Erosion and Desertification “He is held the symposium.

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In other words, interest (Riba), money-money purchases show additional money added to the principle, in the process of replacing the goods with the goods, it is the name of the extra requested property. The reason for the prohibition of this Islamic religion of this extra requested goods or money is based on the damage to the moral, social and economic life. (Eskici, 2007: 10)

The contemporary interest-free financial institutions have occurred for the first time in the 1942s. The first-rate bank-based bank was established in 1963 by Ahmad Enablar to save the manufacturers in the countryside in the Mit-Gamr town of Egypt in 1963. Of German savings banks II. The most affected by the role in the rapid development of Germany after World War I was associated with the economic and cultural values ​​of Islam in the rapid development of Germany. Support from Germany during the bank’s organization phase. However, the Germans who understands the EN-Naccar is in the effort to implement the interestless Banking thought. This first interest-free bank established by Ennaccar has continued its four years’ activities in 1967. However, this first experiment has been pioneered to establish other interest-free banks. (Bayındır, 2005: 41) The Islamic Banks have started to occur worldwide organizations worldwide together with the beginning of the 1970s. Similarly, the funds of the savings in banking are evaluating the funds with the principle of financing without interest-free financing and sharing the profit or damage consisting of financing methods. In this way, participation banks have been a complement to the classical interest banks by gaining both inert funds to the economy, as well as the new financial instruments of the funds that are gained in the economy to the economic financial instruments with the new financial instruments in the economy to invest in the economy to invest in the economy loans and developed an alternative market. In addition, the fund disbursed the sector to be in nourishing properties may indicate the horizontal and vertical mobility both, which in addition to particular moral, gambling and alcohol, such as production units and financing relationships to enter them and fund utilization methods provided by the economic dynamics and crises and resistance has developed against speculative fluctuations, economic to Turkey’s economy and people In addition, and in the social sense, it has been positive contributions to the Turkish finance market by expanding the service range of the banking sector to its customers by submitting the alternative financing instruments that conventional banks are not presented to their customers. (Ulusever, 2009: 1) 3rd Sukuk is based on the Islamic financing methods with secured securities; It is the interest-free capital market tool that provides medium or long-term, fixed or variable returns. Sukuk shows to have an asset or the right to benefit from it. The right in Sukuk is not only the cash flow but also the right of property. (Sevil, 2013: 128) Sukukta is basically three sides. (Sevil, 2013: 129) – Organization owner of the presence; Lower (public institutions and organizations, municipalities, private and public sectors, etc.), – special purpose organization, SPE (Sukuk exporting and liable for Sukuk receivers with liable buyers) and – Sukuk Certificate area investors).

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In both of them, there are the thought of sharing the risks they cannot get up over the top of people with others. However, this GENE union does not come to the manner that both contracts are the same. The monarry also said the shopping and interest is the same. But it is obvious that two are different things from each other. When the individual system is created, some contract types of contract are located in the Islamic civilization. The individual has some common aspects that they are not exactly similar to these systems. Because the issue is considered to be useful in terms of better understanding, the individual applies were briefly discussed. The various models of the individual and each model have their specific form of operation. The most commonly used models related to the individual are proxy, mudaneba and the combination of these two models of these two models. In Figure 2, the mode of operation of the Karma Tekapolı model has been shown in a simple manner. The most important principle that separates the individual from the conventional insurance is based on voluntary basis. The ownership of Teberru collected from the participants belongs to the participants. If the system is based on the attorney agreement, the Tekapolı Company is receiving the power of power of power. After the necessary expenditures from the fond of the individual, it is directed to the investment instruments suitable for Islamic procedures. In addition, the amount of funds remaining at the end of the year / period is also distributed to participants according to the agreement or transferred to the year. If mudorebe uses the individual model, the individual company will initially not receive any proxy fee. If only the attorney model is using the investment vehicles, the profit of the car from investment will not receive a share. The mixed method is both profitable and a proxy charge. Figure-2 shows the basic working structure of a mixed individual model. Different models can be developed other than the operating models of the basic individual system tried to summarize in FIG. These models receive their names from the consultations they are installed on them. However, the most used model in the sector consists of proxy, muduebe and mixed models.

1.3. Comparison of individual and conventional insurance The comparison of the individual and conventional insurance in the following table was made in various angles. Although these two systems are considered to see the same function to see the same function, there are also features that are found from the base as can be seen from the table Table – 1: Comparison of the individual and conventional insurance

The legal regulations set for the individual may not differ from the country to the country. In addition, an Islamic counseling board is required.

A balance sheet and two income statements are available. The income of the company and participants is calculated separately. In some countries, AAOIFI standards must be implemented.

Contributions must be transferred to the Retecapular company. However, in the absence of the Retecapular company, islamic jurists allowed to work with conventional reinsurance companies with certain conditions.

2. Insurance-like Applications In Islamic Law, the experts who informed the fetva or the relevant opinion of the insurance related to insurance, show their views as an active implementation of their views in the past in Islamic societies as a basis. The understanding of these two concepts is important in terms of understanding the point of view of Islamic jurists.

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If the above conditions do not occur, the credit issuing organizations have the right to terminate the agreement. The secured bank loan of the $ 80,000 in June 2008 term was closed on 24 January 2008. The maturity distribution of loans is as follows: Year

Turkcell Communications Services Inc. And the subsidiaries of the consolidated financial statements of the account period ended 31 December 2007 (currency: Currency: Amounts are expressed as thousand new Turkish liras unless otherwise stated. Units other than the new Turkish Lira are expressed as thousand units otherwise stated.)

7. Commercial receivables and debts Short-term commercial receivables (Net) As of December 31, 2007 and 2006, the detail of trade receivables is as follows: December 31, 2007

Trade receivables and the checks received from the dealers and the international circulation (roaming) are composed of receivables. As of 31 December 2007, the receivables from Turkish Telekom are due to the Network Liaison and Cooperation Convention. Network contact and cooperation agreement makes it necessary to pay the Turkish Telekom’s landline and pay Turkcell for the calls ended in the Turkcell network. As of December 31, 2007 and 2006, the nature and amount of the guarantees taken in response to deeds and non-respective receivables are as follows: December 31, 2007

The movements within the account periods ended on 31 December 2007 and 2006 are as follows:

Currency risk related to the short-term trade receivables account is not 29, the credit risk is explained in Note 44. Long-term trade receivables (Net) None (31 December 2006: None).

Turkcell Communications Services Inc. And the subsidiaries of the consolidated financial statements of the account period ended 31 December 2007 (currency: Currency: Amounts are expressed as thousand new Turkish liras unless otherwise stated. Units other than the new Turkish Lira are expressed as thousand units otherwise stated.)

As of December 31, 2007 and 2006, the detail of trade payables are as follows: December 31, 2007

As of 31 December 2007, the interconnection debts are due to the calls and text messages in the network of other operators. Ericsson Telecommunications Inc. ( “Ericsson Turkey”), Ericsson Radio Systems AB ( “Ericsson, Sweden”) and Ericsson EU commercial debts in fixed asset purchases, the proposed location of the assets and formed for the preparation of land costs and received stems from other services. Turkcell, Ericsson is the side of the supply contract with Turkey. Referring to this contract, Ericsson Turkey, Turkcell and established a working GSM network, spare parts, training, and is committed to providing the documentation. Supply agreements provide Turkcell to GSM software that is not exclusive to Turkcell. covered by supply contracts, Ericsson, Sweden, Ericsson is the guarantor of Turkey’s commitment to all that Turkcell. Turkcell, also Ericsson has made a GSM service contract with Sweden. Within the scope of this Contract, Ericsson offers Swedish, Turkcell, Problem Report Processing Service, Hardware Service, Consultancy Service and Emergency service.

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The economic aspects of this imperialism will be analyzed in a later chapter. For the moment, it suffices to note that this resurgence of imperialism greatly expanded the world market system, with Europe at its center.

From a certain perspective, the industrialization process of the 19th century was a European phenomenon. (The fact that by the end of the century the United States had become the first industrial nation does not alter the question, since its culture is basically European.) A bold historian has even calculated the gross “national” product of Europe in the century XIX (see figure 9.1). Although such calculations are easy to criticize in detail for the inadequacy of their sources, the two main features of Figure 9.1 are undoubtedly broadly correct: first, the numerous short-term fluctuations, and second, the sustained long-term growth.

Figure 9.1 Europe’s gross national product index (1899-1901 = 100). De Paul Bairoch, “Europe’s Gross National Product: 1900-1975,” Journal of European Economic History, 5 (Fall 1976), p. 288.

However, from another perspective, industrialization was basically a regional phenomenon, as we have already commented on previous pages (see pp. 207-208). The regions in question could be located within a single nation, as in the case of southern Lancashire county and its adjacent areas, or they could overlap national boundaries, such as the Austrasian Coal Basin, which extends from the English Channel in northern France to the Ruhr area, through Belgium and western Germany. For many historians, regional analysis is the most satisfactory means of understanding the industrialization process. There is still a third perspective, the most conventional, from which to study the industrialization process: to consider it in terms of national economies. This method has the disadvantage of the possibility of neglecting the international and supranational ramifications of the process, and ignoring or belittling its regional dynamics, but it has two powerful advantages as a counterpart. The first is the purely technical one that most quantitative descriptions of economic activity are collected and calculated in terms of national economies. The second, and more fundamental, is that the institutional framework of economic activity and the various policies aimed at influencing the direction and character of that activity are normally situated within national borders. Fortunately, the three approaches are not mutually exclusive.