In the statement, it was reported that the general condition of the Cantarci, which is continued in Umraniye State Hospital, is well carried out by the forensic authorities. Newsletter (35): Press Announcement 446

Due to the Maintenance Repair Works to be held on the main line of the main, it will be not water on Friday 10:00 to 11th June 2005 by 09:00 to 12 hours on Friday for 12 hours. Waterproof areas in Bakirkoy district Atatürk Airport, Yeşilyurt. A portion of Yeşilköy and Florya. (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Around the Municipality of Florya). 10 June Friday Evening will apply water interruption for 12 hours. In the written statement of Issi, he was reported that Ataturk Airport, Yeşilyurt, Yeşilköy and Florya will not take water from 21:00 on Saturday until 09.00, due to the maintenance-repair studies to be held at the written statement. BULLETIN (36): Assign various projects for 10 years to draw attention to the problem of desertification in Turkey TEMA this year, “June 17 World Desertification Day” is not tomorrow the threat of desertification, says that today’s problems. “Turkey can be a big part of the desert in 2040,” according to a study done by NASA, erosion 447

continuation of violent and effective measures to be taken if a large part of Turkey within the next 35 years appeared to return to the desert. Theme officials feared that desertification had to leave our children a country in ancient rhetoric, but now they stressed that Turkey has a very high chance of seeing the desertification of many people who ortayaşl today. Desertification is not a disaster traveling alone. With the desertification, hunger, thirst, unemployment and internal migration threaten the country. The State Institute of Statistics 1998 Statistical Yearbook of Turkey between 1985-1990, according to data of about 5.5 million people emigrated in Turkey for various reasons. The migration from the countryside, the migration, withdraws intense unemployment in agricultural production and in cities. As a result, injustice in the district of unemployment and income across the country is increasing, crooked urbanization, environmental pollution, overuse of natural resources and the destruction of natural resources comes to the agenda. The United Nations decided in 1994 on the way to struggle with this great problem and declared the 17th June on 17 June as the World Desertification “to draw attention to this important problem. This issue with the TEMA Foundation in Turkey, with many activities for this purpose since 1995 to our country’s problems and the successful work carried agenda. signed to work. Konya / Karapınar, Ankara / Nallıhan, Burdur / Akyaka and Iğdır sample in Akyaka and Iğdır sample, in order to receive the support of the people and power in the region, which performs the support of the people and power in the region, this year is in Ankara on 17 June in Ankara “Rural Development in Challenge of Erosion and Desertification “He is held the symposium.

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