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Thus began the War of Independence. George Washington, a wealthy Virginia slave farmer, was chosen to lead the rebel army. The problem was that Washington was short of gunpowder and money (the colonists were reluctant to pay taxes even for their own army) and its troops were a mixed bag of poorly armed farmers, hunters and merchants; some deserted and returned to work for lack of pay. By contrast, the British Redcoats were part of the most powerful army in the world. The inexperienced General Washington was forced to improvise, sometimes prudently retreating, sometimes launching sneak attacks and dubious ethics. Yet, during the winter of 1777-1778, the American army took refuge, in despair and hunger, in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, the Second Continental Congress tried to specify the reasons for which it was fighting. In January 1776, Thomas Paine published his popular essay Common Sense, in which he passionately defended independence from England. Soon, the idea began to seem not only logical, but noble and necessary. On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence, written largely by Thomas Jefferson, was signed. The document was a universal declaration of individual rights and republican government.

On paper, everything was very nice, but to succeed, General Washington needed help. In 1778 Benjamin Franklin convinced France (always ready to confront England) to ally with the rebels. France provided the troops, weapons, and ships that contributed to the victory. The British surrendered at Yorktown, Virginia, in 1781. Two years later the Treaty of Paris was signed, formally recognizing the existence of the United States of America. At first, the country was a confederation of wayward and contentious states that had little to do with unity. The founders met again in Philadelphia in 1787 and drafted a new Constitution, an improved version in which the government of the country was assigned to a stronger federal center, with checks and balances between its three main arms. To prevent the abuse of centralized power, in 1791 a Bill of Rights was passed.

As radical as it was, the Constitution also preserved the economic and social status quo. The wealthy landowners kept their property, which included their slaves. The Indians, of course, were completely excluded from the nation and women from politics.

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“One can understand, I said stunned, the profusion of crystals, frames, pictures and everything that follows from that inlay of palaces, that hyperbole of iron, glass, and bricks, to cover that 60,000-foot surface that the guide says. ….

Sleep, which escorts satisfied gluttony, silenced the cart, a silence that allowed us to hear the compassionate galloping of the train and the slamming doors with which the servants of the wagons announced their presence.

Sitting alone in the room designated for smoking, I took out my briefcase, and dedicating my first notes to the locomotive, I wrote the following:

The little houses that from time to time, already dispersed, already grouping together, we saw, all as if they were going to meet us, as if they were coming to look for the rails, as the cattle go to the current.

Behind these little houses the fields appeared, then the trees, which in rows like soldiers or friars, seemed to walk astray ascending the mountain, where in rows or in groups their companions waited for them … once the yellowish plain stretched out and sprinkled with snow, it ascended covering the hill, the Sierra formed a wall, crowned with its uneven peaks, the open arms of the pines and their fantastic figures, and behind this wall a grandiose and lonely mountain was isolated, a mountain of crystals, which seemed , covered by ice, revealing the deep cracks, the hideous landslides, the gigantic rocks.

This, seen between those drafts of the branches, between those canopies of the leafless canopies, is the landscape presented by Mount Shasta in California, where the vegetation seems to say its last goodbyes in the Sierra Nevada.

The road continues to climb: the mountains form walls and open up, crowding together, crowding together and climbing tumultuously; At his foot, black, wriggling, the deep deep; the train goes as if balancing on the ridge that forms on the edge of the hollow …

on the opposite side; you don’t see a tree or a hut; the horizon as if it fell in pain on the snow.

The shadows came down slowly from the top of the mountains, and as they were crowding the bottom of the valleys … in the void … as if nothing began … the night when he walks through those deserts !!

Connoisseurs of the terrain told us that we were going through horrifying cliffs, we were cutting that Sierra that Bulnes describes with such courage, which seems to have been torn apart by hurricanes and volcanic eruptions, and it is because of the cataclysm produced by gunpowder and iron, directed by man .

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It is essential to carry out a complete audit in the countries affected by the recent crisis, caused by a localized problem in the financial markets, so as to guarantee a decision-making process in favor of justice and the dignity of society as a whole. .

Maria Lucia Fattorelli is Coordinator of Citizen Debt Audit-Brazil since 2001; Member of the Commission of Debt Audit of Ecuador (2007-2008), and Technical Assessor of Brazilian Parliamentarian Investigation of Public Debt (2009-2010) Citizen Debt Audit-Brazil. I thank Rodrigo Ávila, João Gabriel Pimentel Lopes and Laura Carneiro de Mello Senra for their collaboration with this article.

9) The interest rates that governed the commercial external debt contracts were calculated based on the Prime (rate defined by the international private banks that controlled the FED) and Libor (rate defined by the London Association of Banks)

10) Eric Toussaint and Hugo Ruiz Diaz – The World Bank, the IMF, the UN and the claims of the Third World – Historical perspective-

12) Commission created in the Brazilian Parliament to investigate public debt, interest payments and its impacts on society – Câmara dos Deputados Federais, August 2009 – May 2010 – CPI da Dívida Pública. PUBLIC DEBT AUDIT – AN ALTERNATIVE FOR THE CRISIS -The Mission and the Work of a Debt Audit Commission,…

Monsanto is the world’s leading producer of the herbicide “Roundup”, in addition to producing 90% of the world’s genetically modified organisms (GMOs) seeds.

Over 110 years of Monsanto history (1,901-2011), Monsanto Co (MON.N), the world’s largest seed company, has basically developed an industrial chemistry problem into a pure agricultural products company. Mon benefited $ 2 billion in 2009, but its profit record fell to just $ 1 billion in 2010 after activists exposed Monsanto for doing terribly wrong acts, such as good farmers, and suing the uranium feed for pregnant women. Below is a timeline of Monsanto’s dark history.

Monsanto, at best known today for its agricultural biotechnology GMO products, has a long and dirty history of polluting this country and others with some of the most toxic compounds known to mankind. DePCBs with Agent Orange to Roundup, we have many reasons to doubt the motives of this evil corporation that claims to be working to reduce environmental destruction and feed the world with its genetically GMO food crops.

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The servant placed in front of each one of the companions a small cup flush with the tablecloth, and at a short distance a kind of sweet dish with its lid. In that amphora they put a large quantity of tea leaves and poured boiling water over it. The lid of the teapot is deflected to release the tea, which ran to our cups, perfuming the room.

The Chinese were very happy with our approval signs, warning us that this was the first take, that the second and third would follow, making the drink more concentrated and aromatic.

On a small table that we saw, and the same as the one on which we were sitting, the guests were placed. From the front

a row of dishes with delicacies starts from each of them; the plates are from highest to lowest, forming the whole like the spokes of a wheel, rather, the plates and plates form a star. The large plates are for delicacies, the small ones for sweets. The flavor of cola-water stands out among drinks, and that of asafoetida among meals. With that the apology of the cuisine of the Chinese is made.

Large openwork wooden arches and cornices, depicting birds, fish and flowers: lianas that hang from the doors and seem to tremble in the wind.

In the upper gutter, in very delicate low reliefs, we saw figures and characters that told us to refer to the life of Confucius, to episodes of his travels and the translation of his sabias maxims.

As we went up from the first to the second floor to retire, we stopped in front of a counter where the director of the business and the main clerk were.

The first of these characters smoked his pipe, standing up, but leaning against the frame of that kind of canteen.

The director had between his lips his pipe like ebony, with a mouthpiece and precious silver ornaments. The pipe consists of a thin tube, about a third long, and ends in a small bowl where barely the tip of the little finger will fit: there is burning a ball little bigger than a chickpea: that is opium, which constitutes the delight and consuming the existence of the Chinese.

its curtains: inside, on platforms, there are large cushions; there opium smokers are locked up …. to forget the reality of life …. dreaming lovely things …. Well, sir …. eh? ….

The clerk had between his hands a kind of frame with horizontal wires, and on them, some wooden beads were strung.

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In short, it is the norm of use to delay the cure, hoping that it will heal by itself, without realizing that by delaying the surgical intervention we risk having to amputate in the long run in the best of cases.

has requested in an editorial that the foreign intelligence services, the Mossad, assassinate the president of the United States, Barack Obama,

an editorial that has been categorically condemned by important representatives of the Jewish community in the US, who have questioned the journalist’s permanence in office.

In the text, Adler – who has since apologized for the article – proposes to launch a pre-emptive attack against the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip and against the Lebanese Shiite military political group Hezbollah and calls for an attack on the nuclear facilities of Iran.

But, above all, he proposes to the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, that “give the order to the Mossad agents in the United States to eliminate a president who does not have any friendship with Israel, so that the current vice president (Joe Biden) take power and dictate by force that US policy must include collaboration with Israel to exterminate its enemies. “

Adler appeared yesterday before the media to apologize for the article. “I am very sorry, I wish I had not made any reference,” he told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. In an interview with the portal, he denies that he advocated the assassination of Obama.

However, the American Jewish Committee in Atlanta last night issued a harsh statement condemning Adler’s article whose proposals “are shocking beyond imagination.”

“While we acknowledge your apologies, we are absolutely shocked that it occurred to you to write such a thing in the first place. How could you come up with such a twisted idea? ”Stated CJA Director Don Wilker. “Adler owes an immediate apology to President Obama, the State of Israel and the Jewish community,” he added in statements collected by the newspaper “Haaretz.”

The leader of the National Anti-Defamation League, Abraham Foxman, also spoke. “There is no justification, there is no excuse, there is no way to rationalize this kind of rhetoric. They are irresponsible and extremist words. It is outrageous and goes beyond decency. These ideas reflect an extremist rhetoric that unfortunately exists – even in some segments of our community – for which President Obama is maliciously labeled an ‘enemy of the Jewish people,’ “he asserted.

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It should be noted that during the performance the show room is almost dark, the large lamp is raised and hidden in the ceiling lantern, the gas balloons almost go out and the lighting of the stage box, which is very vivid, presents as in relief the representation, and is of great effect.

During the intermissions the room is lit, the orchestra plays, and in general, ladies and gentlemen, they leave their seats and go to the exterior corridors, which are magnificent rooms, with rugs, mirrors, sofas and sometimes tables where they are served. refreshments to the ladies.

They finish at more than twelve o’clock at night, my friends and I went to the restaurant called Maison Doré, calle de Kearny no. 117; establishment badly compared to the Delmonic of New-York.

However, the Maison Doré is the point where the elegant world meets, and where the delicacies are exquisite and the service attentive.

To use the night the times that I did not go to the theater, I would settle in a pleasant bar-room, located in a small but perfectly cultivated garden, called the Tivoli.

There are two large rooms in the shape of a hammer, sinking in their conjunction another room that forms a height and in which the orchestra is placed.

The rooms of which I speak are entirely covered with round tables accompanied by chairs, leaving narrow transits between table and table.

The main consumption in the bar-room is beer, usually of very good quality, being the value of a glass, five cents. The expense must be considerable, since it pays for the huge rent of the premises, more than twenty servants and an orchestra that at that time was the attraction of the audience.

In the little room that we have already described and stands out from the other rooms, there was the orchestra. This orchestra was composed of ten or twelve young German women; but of such remarkable beauty and of such extraordinary ability, that night after night the Tivoli was flooded with people, pleased to the extreme of attending the outstanding concerts.

No payment was required at the entrance to the salons, and it was possible to remain listening without making any consumption.

The amateurs limited themselves to placing bouquets of flowers at the feet of those charming beauties, without ever passing the applause the limits of the most respectful gallantry. And the artists were beautiful and funny, and almost confused with the public, who did not tread the almost imaginary line that divided the orchestra from the auditorium.

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2005: Monsanto has patent rights to the farming techniques for pigs, which would give them ownership of the piglets born from these techniques and related to their herds. Greenpeace claims that Monsanto is trying to claim ownership over normal breeding techniques. Monsanto claims that the patent is a defensive measure to track animals from its system. They further claim that their proprietary method uses a specialized insemination device that requires less sperm than is normally necessary.

2005: Environment, Consumer Safety Question Roundup Ready Crop Groups Say They Create “Super Weeds” Among Other Problems.

2006: In January, the South Korean Court of Appeals ordered Dow Chemical and Monsanto to pay $ 62 million in severance pay to about 6,800 people.

2006: Organic farmers, concerned about the impact of GMOs on their alfalfa crops, sued Monsanto (Monsanto Company vs. Geertson Seed Farms). In response, in May 2007, the Northern California District Court issued an injunction order prohibiting farmers from planting Roundup Ready alfalfa until the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) conducted a study on the probable environmental impact of genetically modified crops is. As a result, the USDA put a halt on any planting of more than Roundup Ready alfalfa.

2006: The Public Patent Foundation requests to the Patent and Trademark Office to revoke four patents that Monsanto has used in patent lawsuits against farmers. In the first round of re-examination, claims on all four patents were rejected by the Patent Office in four separate rulings dating from February to July 2007. Monsanto has submitted the answers in the new examinations.

2006-2007: Monsanto acquires several leading cottonseed and regional seed companies from Delta andPine Land Co. – Competitors claim Monsanto wins seed industry monopoly.

2007: Monsanto’s biotech seeds and traits (including those licensed to other companies) accounted for almost 90% of the global acreage dedicated to EEDS GMOs.

2007: Northern California District Court issued an injunction order prohibiting farmers from Roundup Ready planting falfa until the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) conducted a study on the likely environmental impact of genetically modified crops it is. As a result, the USDA put a halt on any planting of more than Roundup Ready alfalfa.

2007: USDA Dairy Survey estimated the use of rBGH in 15.2% of operations and 17.2% of cows.

2008: Monsanto sells Eli Lilly’s Posilac business (maker of the polio vaccine) amid consumer and dairy industry concerns about the cow hormone supplement.

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Already in 1231 the tribunal of the Inquisition, or of the “Holy Office”, was constituted in Rome; its constitution was entrusted to the Dominican order. The first inquisitor had been Domingo de Guzmán who preached before the Albigenses as early as 1208. The Inquisition could act by accusation, by denunciation or ex officio.

There were three possible options: That the defendants presented themselves freely and voluntarily to confess their faults; in this case they would be sanctioned with spiritual measures, generally light. Let them repent only for fear of death; they would then suffer prison sentences. May they remain stubborn in their mistakes; they would be relaxed into the secular arm to face the death penalty at the stake.

The inquisitors were heading to the site where there was a suspected focus of heresy. They asked for the support of the local authorities who were obliged to grant it under penalty of excommunication and to be themselves accused of heretics. An edict of grace was read in the larger church where the errors against the faith were detailed and a time limit was given for repentance. In addition, anyone who knew heretics was urged to expose them. The term was generally one month. Those who confessed voluntarily were immediately sentenced to religious penalties consisting of daily prayers, pilgrimages, fasts, and fines. In the case of sufficient evidence against the defendant and he did not confess the truth, torture was applied.

The elements of torture were: the rack, the garrucha and the punishment of water. If the accused confessed, then he was sentenced to several years in prison or in galleys, confiscation of property, prohibition of exercising certain trades for him and his heirs, wearing clothing that denoted his repentant status. In case of persisting in his error, he was relaxed to the secular arm that applied the death penalty. We then find a euphemism (way of expressing ideas with softness or decorum whose frank expression would be rude). Clemency was requested for the criminal on the one hand and the civil authorities (kings and princes) were urged to enact the death penalty for heretics.

When there were enough sentences and the heresy was considered to be averted, what eventually became known as auto-da-fe was done. It was a ceremony that lasted a whole day. It began early in the morning, when the inmates were taken to the inquisitor’s house, where they were dressed in a yellow tunic and a peaked bonnet. There was a parade to the place where the act would take place; in general an important square. S

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Woese Institute of Genomic Biology in 2006. The Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, however, is still the largest interdisciplinary facility on campus with. The university also conducts agricultural and horticultural research.

The Prairie Research Institute is located on campus and is the home of the Illinois Natural History Review, Illinois State Geological Survey, Illinois State Water Review, and Illinois Center for Sustainable Technology which have been located on campus throughout their histories, but they were agencies of the Illinois state government until the Institute’s formation within the university in 2008. Since 1957 the Illinois Transportation Archaeological Research Program (ITARP) has conducted archaeological and historical conformity work for the Illinois Department of Transportation. In 2010, ITARP became the Illinois State Archaeological Survey (ISAS) and was affiliated with the Prairie Research Institute. Researchers at the Prairie Research Institute engage in applied and basic research in agriculture and forestry, biodiversity and ecosystem health, atmospheric resources, climate, and associated natural hazards, cultural resources, and human settlement history, disease, and public health. , emerging parasites, fisheries and wildlife, energy and industrial technology, mineral resources, pollution prevention and mitigation, and water resources. The Institute is a repository of specimens that serve as research collections in the Illinois environment. The Illinois Natural History Review biological collections includes insects, crustaceans, mollusks, annelids, reptiles and amphibians, birds, mammals, algae, bryophytes, fungi, and vascular plants; the group of insects is among the largest in North America and digitization of the collections is currently underway with funding from the National Science Foundation. The Illinois State Geological Survey houses the legislatively mandated Illinois Geological Sample Library, a repository for drill hole samples in Illinois, including cores drilled for mineral exploration and geological investigations, as well as paleontological collections. ISAS serves as a repository for a large collection of Illinois archaeological artifacts that now number more than 17,000 boxes. One of the main collections is the Cahokia Mounds, for which ISAS has more than 550 boxes. An online database will soon be assembled for the Cahokia Collection, funded by a 2008–2010 National Attribute for Humanity grant.

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After reaching the objective imposed by the crown, it was decided to carry out the project, in order to create its own route for commercial transport, without having to depend on Genoa or Portugal, starting with the Santa María and the two caravels (the Pinta and the girl). Thus, on October 12, 1492, the boats reached the mainland, not precisely at the desired destination, but rather running into a new continent, beginning the colonization of the Indies. In these new lands, the bases and traditional administrative structures of the Castilian reign began to be established under the command of the kings. Thanks to the Patronage granted by the Pope, the kings managed to control the implantation and spread of the Catholic Church in America, establishing the hard and controversial task of evangelization to the inhabitants of the place.

Today America is made up of the legacies of these kings who applied the policy of the Church in the new continent. Not only completely changed the culture that previously subsisted in that place, but also the large number of architectural legacies, structures, politics and cities that today make up the American continent.

The Spanish colonization of America was part of a larger historical process, later called colonialism, through which various European powers incorporated a considerable amount of territories and peoples in America, Asia and Africa between the 16th and 20th centuries. For this, it had to submit to several original cultures that were already established when in 1492 the Spanish explorers arrived in American lands. In the most negative aspects of its colonial dynamics, the Spanish Empire, to sustain itself against other European powers, depopulated Spain and consumed the riches that Spanish transport added to the gold and silver brought to Europe from America, where the currency had no commercial value. in Amerindian society, nor other natural resources, outside of barter. All the values ​​were added by the Spanish trade throughout its tenure. On the other hand, and at the beginning of this clash of civilizations, some historians throw mortality figures of 90 million natives, mostly due to diseases. For these reasons, various scholars, countries and indigenous organizations consider that it was a genocide

Starting in 1808, with the fall of the monarch Fernando VII, and the beginning of the transformation of Spain into a liberal state in 1812, the dismemberment of the Spanish Empire in America began. The American territories under Spanish rule, converted into Republics, began their struggles for emancipation. Finally, the islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico, under the sovereignty of Spain in 1898, were separated by the military intervention of the United States, being the last Spanish colonial possessions in America to organize themselves as independent states.