This revealed a great deal of raw materials that portuguese are over the Hamburg, which is the Copper Center of Central Europe. The annual 500 thousand kg of copper is estimated to be exported to China. Chinese buyers were paying with a more suitable “exchange tool” with the silver preferred gold. In contrast, the exchange rate was in Europe. In this way, Fug-Ger Bankhaus providing financing of copper mines, providing unlimited earnings.

It was thought that the trade provides peace as a common mit. Spain’s colonialist destruction wars in the United States and the Sea Wars in Portugal show that these claims are directions that are serving these allegations to justify these actors for the trade to be entered with Asia in the following periods. In fact, companies did not have enough power to suggest that they are economic power in the market. In addition to the military achievements, which are also earned against the opponent to the opponent, or as in the attacks in the Indian Ocean of the Portuguese, the opposite party is unprepared. Or, as in the ink in South America, the possibilities of having any support were attacked in a population. There was no significance of sovereignty change for people living here.

Another mitost of Europe’s military technological supreme. This superiority was not determined by testing with the same size Japan, Mongol Empire and countries such as India. It was due to the emergence of the war power of Europe, to destroy or to destroy the root of the root of the local people in America, and “Trigger Delay”.

As in the defeat of the Mongolian Empire in India in the 18th century, violence other than the economy was the opportunity. Violence tool was used as a means to be treated by the Portugal according to economic interests. The seeds sprinkled with Estado da India were just about two hundred years later.

After the initial influence of the technical changes in the decrease of the technical changes in European mining, the looting of Mexico and Inca treasures also reduced production expenses such as Potosi silver bearings open to the business. In the following periods, the price rise in Europe in Europe, where newly obtained precious mines come to circulate. The collapse of the aristocracy and the rise of the paid working class was accelerated. The decline in real wages was one of the main sources of primitive accumulation from the 16th century to the 18th century. “As a result of the price revolution in the UK and France, the worker has lost a large part of the income that has ever had and this wealth was the hands of the benefit of other income sources. The landowner wasn’t winning the worker’s losses “. (Earl Hamilton, American Treasure and The Rise of Capitalism, S. 355).

Due to the deterioration of the open and craft in Spain Trade Balina├ž, the precious mines were stolen from the United States and the precious metals extracted by the slave workers were the hands of commercial capital outside Spain. There was a tremendous development around here and became the basic pole of the accumulation.

It is notable that the new riches brought from America in terms of the economic transformation of industrial capitalism are significantly determining aristocracy with a politically decisive feature.

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