212; ‘Sleeping’l-Hikme, p. 41. 110 bonded, AGE., C. III, p. 143. 111 J. Philoponus, on Aristotle on the Intellect, p. 98. 112 M. Ali Ebu Reyian, “Nakdu Ebi’l Pailla-Baghdâdî Li Philosophy Ibn Sînâ”, Mecellet Milklinkâdâb, c. XII, p. 17-48, Alexandria 1958, p. 12. 113 bonded, Mu’te, c. III, p. 142-143. The bonded, jurisdiction of the intellectual minds are criticized with the following phrases: “The rocks are the insanitary nefs that the neef of the neehs are the symbols of the known Heyli and Bilkuv and Bilkuv and Bilkuv and Bilkuv and Bilkuv and Bilkuv and Bilkuv and Bilkuş, while he mold the body before it, he gained the pluma They have named the heylasite reason because of. Whereas the Greek Kudemâsi didn’t say that. On the contrary, they expressed that the eternal ones are apart from their heirloom, consisting of and disturbed by the delay and disturbed by the disturbed, and they have used the heyûlılılılılılılıştiştişiştişiştişiştişışışışışışışışışışışışış and we are acclamation of the mind. Because it was not the case, the horse had to be the horse, the horse should be aqueous; or it should have been a lot when you have been streamed of the sense of the other. Halbuki he is the only one in the same as before the laundering is the man, the others are also horse, ass, tree and others. There is no change in the man, there is no difference between the and the later state of time. If the mind is the mind mahal; He, he is, he is streamed, it becomes his crown. The dishavior is streamed before, before the mind, before the mind, it has come before the cruel area. (which happens to be absurd.) “114 Baghirdî, AGE., c. III, p. 88, 100-102.

As shown to Baghdâdî, only realizes the NEFS and his instruments, the vehicle is incorrect to the Nefs Efforts is incorrect.115 If there is a separate ingredient for each verb for each verb for each verb for each verb, the absence of the absolutely, the opposite of the female is only the amount of the 527 pcs should have been to be. The force that sees the green saw red that sees red .116 is the false views of their ‘senter but an interest’ in this way that referred to him in this way to the view of the Nefrical Efforts; This criticism of these various verbs can come out of the heart from each other than the opposite of the heart of the heart! 117 Baghdâdî’s sake of nephidizing the absurdity of the absurdity of certain numbers, fahreddin er-razî, adûddin îcî (1281-1355), after the fact that he had been echo. In the metaphysical area, feayz and the theory of water are against the theory of bilkuv and the intelligence of the intelligence of the intelligence of the active mind, which has been converted to the mental state of mind, and according to him, the Nefs reaches competence with his own opponent, not only by removing something that is proficient in Bilfiil, but only in the asset book. or the miralty of the nef, is again the teacher of another match; Or not the active mind.120 These statements are also ditto.

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