Sales TL.ali; TL Sale TL.1 US Dollar 941.00 945.71 941.00 955.12 1 Australian Dollar 683.45 686.87

‘White Goods and Electronics Cuisine Cuisine Cuisine Price TU Vintage Price TL) Grundig 56 EK.Pal-secam TV.520.016.460,000 Grundig Video Player.540.000.478.296 Grundig Music Set.342.608.290.000 Grundig S

The coal cookers in the nearest surrounding area of ​​Istanbul are able to respond to 3-4 years more than 3-4 years. The charcoal called “Tree charcoal” is such that the charcoal is achieved.

The stock market is discharged.Mjyase İlknur I pm the İncim, which has been discussing, the crisis of these discussions’ born in the economy in the economy, in the economy to a vague at the end of the week at the end of the week.

Turkey obsolete computers can burn the ‘4 * ft & five years in projects aimed at the transition to computerized education in schools all over Turkey, “dreamers” as değerlendiriliyor.tane 1 mile from the 600 thousand pounds

The Turks come forward to the Presidency of the OECD Representative Assembly of the Ecelik in the Presidency of Prof.Dr.Orhan.

We will collect that the Ozal is forgiving from the wealthy of the wealthy * Eçımiş Political parties continue to explain their views on economic issues, while the criticisms that parties have directed to each other.

OLFFM * 511B511-SZ7 94 94 90-520 67 50 R word 300.TL.14 punto) 300.TL.14 Punto) 300 • TL.Alt-ust line 3,000 |tl. -Ste Yeşilköy Serbesti Cad

Defolute boots, production crop of leather crops, sundry material with part of the skin will be sold 21 October 1987 on Wednesday at 14.00 pm Bot on Wednesday, Turkey

Tefat and condolences Health Help Chairman Our Directorate is in the sadness of making Mehmet Cevat Önal from the pension chiefs.Merhuma is conducting to the mercy, sorrowful family and relatives to the relatives D

Andfat Precious Family Grown We have lost the Nihal Aksüyek on 11 October 1987. The day of 21 October 13, 1987 will be defined after the prayer to be made in Hacıbayram Mosque.

Sale Manager Sale Manager Mr. Erman Aksüyek’s Mother’s Nihal Aksüyek Maimidi has gained the mercy of the Mother of the Nihal Aküyek.Merhuma wishes from God to the relatives.

National Education Youth and Sports Ministry of State Books Directorate of the State Books Director of 37×40 67 Steel Case in our Size 20/10/1987 on Tuesday 20/10/1987

Brochure Our courses have been approved by the Council’s Council of Council.

The element will be taken to be appointed as a manager of market research in the marketing organization of our company.

Alpet Altağa Petrochemical Tic.a.Ş.Getel Directorate is announced from the Directorate, our company is located in the open field warehouses and below the various breed and capacity of the capacity given below the crane and business machinery

M-WK OTVRT ™ LW-EVERY year, you make you upset on your holiday spending! Once you pay you once with the circuit-holiday system, have a good investment with your family every year.

From Istanbul Trade exchange, the stock market committees will be held on 12 November 1987.

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