While the Philoponus is opposed to Iskender opposing the active mind theory of Iskender, he re-expressed the person’s mind, the state of the Bilkuv and the Halkuvand is still in human nefstir, bilfiil, or is not a different and discrete mind as of the human. The immortal is all that is all in this aqueous. ” Calling their statements.121 Again, the Baghdâdî’s “Nefs is not a time perpetrator in another time; Because he is in constant realger, but we are not in the case. “122 The view of the 122-shaped view of the 122-shaped view of Aristoteles is not” but sometimes, sometimes it is not running sometimes, but it is not to interpret the Aristoteles as human minds, and that it is constantly active, it is not a man Calls the phrases of philoponus expressing that a moment has not been absent.

115 AGE., C.II, p. 314. 116 Bagrail, Age., C. II, p. 310, p. 401. 117 AGE., C. II, p. 314. 118 M. Tayyib, Age., P. 262. 119 bonded, mu’te, c. III, p. 148. 120 bonded, AGE., C. II, p. 412. 121 J. Philoponus, Age., P. 35, 37, 55, 63-64, 66-67. 122 bonded, AGE., C. 2 H. 317. 123 J. Philoponus, AGE., P. 76. Philoponus indicates that Aristoteles interpret the text as active in mind. According to him, it is the humanical mind that is meant here and again as a little bit of Aristoteles (430A 19) as the Bilkuvne mind is that the Bilfiil in mind is not back before the mind, the human mind is always akled.

One124 we can express how impressed by Philoponus are also a subject to be examined. It is seen that Baghdâdî has tried to roaster than to criticize different views in the risqual in Mu’teBer. According to him, the person in the meaning of the Aklede in the sense of the person, he knows, knows and realizes everything. He becomes the mind, aqueous and suffered because he is familiar with his zest, nature and adjectives. Nothing other than the fuel of the man in human belly can know his own zest, can’t smell with his nose, tongue. In accordance with the Baghdâdî, which performs the improper and sensory-realized civilians in the external reality, and the symbols in our minds are one of the Baghdâdî. Human ‘I’ve seen, I’ve heard, I was desiring, I’m desiring,’ This Self indicates that the Self is currently. The presence is an existing zarion that has decided; It is not a passing and renewed verb. In the sense of melt, it is the fact that in terms of the actual aspect of mind and akle; However, his actual is called ‘mind’ and ‘aqueous’ with the name of his zest. The meaning of in-twelfth is different from the subjects; The meaning of the land is different from the lands that are specific to bodies.

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